Adopt A Bee Hive -San Mateo

Nathan of San Mateo just picked up his 6 frame colony housed in an eight frame medium.

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Newly Established Swarms

Last week we relocated two newly established bee swarms in Los Altos. Less than one week the bees built up many pieces of comb.

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Los Altos Hills External Colony Relocated

After a couple weeks we returned to move the bees into hive boxes. Caught the queen and moved over all the bees and brood. In two weeks we are bringing the bees back home, with a clear view of Moffet Field. 

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Swarm Trap Bees

Picked up a few swarm traps with one colony that has almost completely filled it. 

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San Jose Santana Row Bee Removal

Relocated another young colony in San Jose behind Santana Row. Very textbook and caught the queen as always. 

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Palo Alto Bee Removal, New Beekeepes

Over the weekend we relocated a young colony in Palo Alto that was living in the attic. Cut through the ceiling and transferred everything into a hive box in 3.5 hours. This colony will go back to my place for a couple weeks and then returning to the homeowners. Always excited to help out new beekeepers.   


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External bee colony in Los Altos Hill

Will relocate this external colony next weekend in Los Altos Hills. These will be moved to my place for two weeks and going back to the same homeowner who wants to start beekeeping. 


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