Pleasanton Bee Removal

Last Sunday my Dad and I drove all the way to Pleasanton to relocate a bee colony that built their hive in the attic of a second story home. They entered through the vent holes and had a nice space where the insulation doesn’t reach. We removed a medium full of bees and brood, caught the queen and relocated to my bee yard.

IMG_9125 IMG_9128 IMG_9134

Thanks for calling us to save the honey bees!

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New Pleasanton Beekeeper Takes Home New Hive

Emeline and her parents came down from Pleasanton to pick up their new hive. This hive started as a small swarm and now they are booming. Seven solid frames of brood and a lot more bees than a medium box can handle. Glad they are going to a good home!


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A few 2015 Swarm Captures

Have been super busy at work so I haven’t posted as much as I wanted to… but here are some pictures of some swarms I captured during the swarm season.

IMG_6995 IMG_7002 IMG_7004 IMG_7005 IMG_7009 IMG_7016

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Wax Moths!!!

This year the wax moths came out much earlier than normal. Please check your bottom boards on your smaller hives. The larger hives should be able to defend.

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Palo Alto Swarm Hived

A hive I maintain in Palo Altos swarmed. The huge swarm landed on a branch about 20 feet from the hive. It was easy to hive but extremely hard to find the queen since there were so many bees. Eventually spotted her and caged her. After that we went into the hive and removed about 9 queen cells. Kept two of the best looking ones and one after swarm was reported about 1.5 weeks after.






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Huge Bee Swarm From Off-Site Los Altos Hive

One of my offsite hives located in Los Altos swarmed. This was obviously the primary swarm with the original queen and she was large and didn’t go too far, splattered all over the wall about 10 feet from the hive.


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Sunnyvale Bee Swarm Rescue

It’s wonderful to see people calling us to save our local honey bees even if the swarm/hive isn’t on their property. A nice lady who lives in the neighborhood spotted a swarm next to the sidewalk and called us to rescue the bees.


I headed over to Sunnyvale during my lunch hour and boxed this low hanging swarm. Very textbook capture with a shake, catch the queen, and pick up the box when the bees are all in.


Thanks to all that have called us to save our local honey bees!

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