Palo Alto Swarm Hived

A hive I maintain in Palo Altos swarmed. The huge swarm landed on a branch about 20 feet from the hive. It was easy to hive but extremely hard to find the queen since there were so many bees. Eventually spotted her and caged her. After that we went into the hive and removed about 9 queen cells. Kept two of the best looking ones and one after swarm was reported about 1.5 weeks after.






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Huge Bee Swarm From Off-Site Los Altos Hive

One of my offsite hives located in Los Altos swarmed. This was obviously the primary swarm with the original queen and she was large and didn’t go too far, splattered all over the wall about 10 feet from the hive.


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Sunnyvale Bee Swarm Rescue

It’s wonderful to see people calling us to save our local honey bees even if the swarm/hive isn’t on their property. A nice lady who lives in the neighborhood spotted a swarm next to the sidewalk and called us to rescue the bees.


I headed over to Sunnyvale during my lunch hour and boxed this low hanging swarm. Very textbook capture with a shake, catch the queen, and pick up the box when the bees are all in.


Thanks to all that have called us to save our local honey bees!

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Mountain View Hive Swarmed

Jeff from Mountain View adopted a hive last year and the colony kept growing in good numbers along with yielding a good amount of honey. Just weeks ago the hive swarmed. Jeff mentioned that he saw a swarm that could have been the first of the season with the original queen but didn’t see where it landed. Then he called me over to collect an after-swarm that landed in his neighbor’s tree.


After hiving the swarm we did a full inspection and found two queens roaming around in the hive along with at least 10 fully developed queen cells which we cut out to be used in splits.

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Los Altos Bee Removal – Rescuing Small Bee Swarm

Saturday after the kids basketball and baseball games, Dad and I were about to get start on our hive maintenance when we received a call from a Los Altos residence about a honey bee swarm that just landed in a bush about six feet off the ground. Packed up our swarm catching kit and off we went.


My Dad held the box and I shook the bees into the box. Caught the queen, well, after three tries as this queen is super fast and small. She is the same size as the worker bees and definitely a new born. Caged her and picked up the bees at dark.


Thanks for call Los Altos Honey Bees to rescue our local honey bees!

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Palo Alto Bee Swarm – Small After-Swarm

The bee swarm season started much earlier this year due to the dry and warm weather. I received a few calls in February but didn’t get to them on time and they flew off. Finally this Friday I caught my first swarm of 2015 in Palo Alto. Landed on a small bush 1 foot off the ground. Shake and caught a small virgin keep. A small after swarm.



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Queen Cells!

Sunday went into a hive for a quick inspection and honey harvest and noticed queen cells already! One more queen and I will be able to split the hive. Look out for swarms coming soon!

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