Wine Barrel Hive – Day 2 and doing good

My dad checked on the Wine Barrel Hive today with my 2 year old son, who stood some distance away, and the girls are doing good. After the first day’s reorient flight they are already foraging. I can see some are collecting pollen and I’m sure right now many are collecting nectar as the flow is strong. Los Altos is an ideal location for honey bees, lots of trees, flowers, and more.

The honey that has been leaking out, looks like it slowed or stopped. Hopefully it collapsed from a sudden force that was put on the barrel before I arrived and not pests that has weakened a colony of bees.

So the plan is to drill a hole(s) on top tomorrow night and let them have their old entrance and new ones. Then after a few days I’ll seal the old entrance. This is to prepare them to use only the top entrance as that’s where I’ll be adding a medium super to hopefully coax the bees and queen to move up to their new home.

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