Los Altos “Country Club” Hive

Introducing the Los Altos “Country Club” Bee Hive. A while back my sister bought a house overlooking the Los Altos Golf and  Country Club and they discovered there were honey bees occupying one of their under-decking of their three story home that’s on a slope. A local beekeeper came to remove the bees at that time but recently a new swarm of bees moved into the same exact location. This time my dad and I did the cutout and hived the colony which is now what we are calling the Country Club Hive. This hive sits on the very top deck of the house which no one goes out on which is perfect as it’s just a couple of feet away from the feral hive.

Here are some pictures

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2 Responses to Los Altos “Country Club” Hive

  1. Lisa says:

    Great photos! You certainly are keeping busy with all your feral bees.

  2. Cutouts aren’t fun especially when it’s in odd places and HOT outside but these feral colonies, all didn’t have any mites or bettles, so maybe they are more resistant to them, I hope.

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