Sad News About the Wine Barrel Hive

Well, tonight my dad and I was going to drill three one inch holes on the top of the barrel for a top entrance, putting on a cover with four legs. We first covered the original entrance. Then started to drill the top. First one inch hole opened at the top, we shine light through the cracks at the side of the barrel to see if we can see anything inside. What we found was MANY collapsed combs. I can see capped honey, one brood comb where some are capped already, and other combs beneath them.

Good news is, there are still bees around. There are still a few combs attached to the top but looks new as they are pure white in color. So now, I really hope the queen didn’t get smashed when those combs collapsed. We will be open up the barrel tomorrow and try to hive and recover whatever we can. If the queen didn’t make it but I can frame the brood combs with eggs, then the workers will hopefully start building queen cells.

If there’s no much to recover, we’ll just bee vac the bees at nightfall and then do a combine with the Mountain View hive. Oh man, what a bummer but hope for the best.

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