Beesuit Review – Mann Lake Economy Hooded Suit

Just a quick review on the Economy Hooded Suit from Mann Lake.

Here’s Mann Lake’s description: We designed this Economy Hooded Suit and Jacket for backyard beekeepers on a budget. The lighter weight fabric of these suits will keep you cooler in hot weather while you enjoy the double layer self-supported hood. This suit is perfect for any beekeeper who does not require the more rugged Honey Maker® Suit.

Price: $67.50 (as of June 28, 2010)

We were on the budget and my father and I bought the same suit. We tried on both the medium and small and the small fit nicely in the store. Well, at the beeyard that’s a different story. We should have really gone with the medium instead. The small fits when you’re standing straight up but you’re not always standing upright. If you’re kneeing down or bending down, the small is not forgiving. We should have followed the provided chart and have gone with the medium though it looks huge on us, we are both 5’9 about 140 to 160 pounds. So go larger than smaller when buying any beesuit.

The hood is very nice and visibility is good. They say “lighter weight fabric”, uhhh… it’s cotton and pretty heavy. It’s REALLY HOT wearing this suit. And though the hood I said it’s nice, it is like wearing a hooded sweatshirt and traps all the heat in. So not the best when the weather is hot outside. We were doing a cutout in 85F and inside the suit must have been 100+ as we both were sweating like a dog and almost fainted at times.

Zippers are of quality and you have them for the hood, zippers for the body, two openings, and at the ankles for you to take the suit off without removing your shoes/boots.

The external pockets are nice to keep tools and other small necessities.

Though this is an economy suit, I believe it will last many bee removal jobs and hive inspections/maintenances.

Do I recommend this suit, absolutely. It’s great for the price, just don’t wear it in a hot summer day, wait till evening or early mornings.

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