Hayward Overhill – Cutout details and photos (June 29, 2010)

All right, another successful cutout though my dad did get stung twice, one after we cleaned up and one while setting the hive in its new location in Los Altos.

We arrived around 1:30PM and didn’t finish until 8:30PM. That worked out good as we were able to capture most of the returning foragers.

Picture below shows the entrance to the hive on the second story soffit

Here’s a close up showing the line of bees flying back home

Anyone doing a cutout/bee removal should have one of these bad boys. A recipricating saw or Milwaukee Sawzall

Here’s Mrs. Silva watching from below. I thought she was going to fire up the BBQ   🙂

Here’s my dad checking out the cutout site before we started

I cut through the plywood which exposed this nice feral colony. This colony for some reason had A TON of drones! As the saw was cutting through the plywood tons of guard bees started bumping me and the Sawzall

Here’s my dad vacuuming the bees before we remove any combs

Another view of my dad at work with the bee vac

Yummmy honey… oh crap, it’s tainted with a bee killing spray. We are going to toss out all the nice looking honey. I will melt the wax and save that to make candles and such

Here she is! I was about 2/3 the way through removing the combs. As I cut a part of this brood comb off I found her on the opposite side. I quickly toss down my knife without thinking my dad was below me and grab my homemade queen cage from the pocket of my bee suit. Caught her and caged! She’s a beauty! Sorry my homemade queen cage isn’t the clear plastic so you cannot see her too well. I do plan on buying a few queen catchers from Mann Lake next time I get up there to Woodland, CA

Another photo of her from the bottom side

This isn’t the first comb section I removed. This is another one I uncovered. At the entrance you see a bird nest, they entered through the same hole and through the bird nest to reach these combs. There were about 6 old black combs there that I’m pretty sure were from a previous colony. Behind these old comb the bees continued on a build fresh white combs. I had to remove some more plywood to remove them. Another huge cluster of bees

Here’s the site all cleaned up

The queen with workers around her

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4 Responses to Hayward Overhill – Cutout details and photos (June 29, 2010)

  1. ogretowman(david nicodemo) says:

    cool pictures!!! i was wondering if you would entertain some questions from a novice bee hive remover? i live in down town san jose and will be doing a cut-out/removal in the next couple of weeks……ogretowman

  2. Andrew says:

    Wow this stuff is really interesting! Quick question though I thought you guys kept the bees so why did you use bee killing spray?

    • Hey Andrew,

      The Bee killing spray was used on the bees by the tenants. A lot of people try to kill HONEY BEES with these sprays they can buy at home depot or lowes but they do not know it’s only good on wasps and yellow jackets. The colony is doing great now in its new hive.

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