Mountain View Hive Inspection – 7/6/2010

It has been a little over one month now since we hived this colony. My dad and I inspected the Mountain View hive yesterday afternoon. The hive is a little slower than we thought  at building combs perhaps they don’t need the room yet as the colony started in a small population when we hived it from Palo Alto. The bottom medium has 7 out of 10 frames drawn so a medium was added on top.

Good news is that I see capped brood, eggs, larvae. So soon they will need to expand. We didn’t want to disturb them much so we did not look for the queen, obvious she’s there from the signs of brood.

This hive still has the original water control valve cover in the hive. We will remove it once it draws the second medium. I forgot my camera but had my dad’s which I need to get and download the photos. So photos to come later on tonight.

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