Hayward Overhill Hive Inspection – 7/6/2010

Received a call from my brother in law on Tuesday saying that there are ants walking on the hive and that he sees little amount of bees. He might have seen the bee activity near dark which is minimal because when my dad and I got there on Wednesday the bees were moving in and out in great numbers, foraging, orientation flights, hive cleaning, and more. We took care of the ant issue by using a non-toxic natural orange peel extract called Orange Oil by Orange Guard, which you can buy at OSH and other places. This non-toxic natural ant deterrent can be used around children and food, so it would be fine around bees and I’m only spraying the hive stand and no where near the entrance.

After solving the ant issue we opened up the hive for inspection to make sure everything is ok. There are still a good number of bees there but not as much since most are out foraging during midday. As said earlier we see many bees flying in and out, and even see some bringing in pollen. All good signs thus far. Inside the hive we see a few rubberbands that were already chewed through and the bees are securing the brood combs we rubberbanded into the frames. Some new foundation has been set and hopefully in a week or two when we look again new combs will be formed. There’s a very good nectar flow going on right now and these girls should recover fairly quickly.

Again, like the Mountain View Hive inspection I didn’t have my camera with me but did use my dad’s point and shoot. I’ll see if I can get the photos tomorrow and upload a few.

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