Busy Bees – Honey – Hayward Overhill Hive

After the Wine Barrel Hive inspection we headed over to my sister’s place to check out the Hayward Overhill Hive. Like the Wine Barrel Hive, these girls were defensive today, coming out to attack us and one flew into my hair when I was taking off my beesuit at the end.

Anyways, this hive is doing really good. They have re-attached all the combs, drawing out new combs on two different foundationless frames, storing pollen and I’m seeing honey being stored above the brood cells. All good signs and I think this hive will survive the winter and thrive to be one of the strongest colonies that I have. This is probably because they have a larger population of bees compared to the others. Remember the cutout I did for this hive, I must have collected two mediums full of bees. Didn’t see the queen today but we didn’t look that close. From all the bee removals I’ve done so far, this queen seems to be the largest and strongest.

The bees are busy doing their thang.

A new comb on a foundationless frame. Already using it to store pollen.

We forgot our rubberbands during this cutout so we took what string we had and were able to frame these two combs. Now you see it re-attached but the braided string is too tough to chew through or even cut with normal scissors. I’ll be bringing with me some good cutters on the next inspection.

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