Small Queen – Wine Barrel Hive

Today my dad and I inspected the Wine Barrel Hive again. This time to see how they are progressing and to remove the rubberbands that are still attached. It’s three more days until the one month anniversary of the cutout from within the wine barrel. They are a little slow I think mostly because the number of bees aren’t that great yet. I think I’ll combine the colony of bees that I just removed from Palo Alto Lincoln with this one.

They have reattached all combs now and have added onto them but it’s not as fast as I think they should be. But hey, the bees know the best. There’s absolutely no honey stores right now, just pollen. Either they are using it all up to feed the colony or something as the flow is or was on. They are collecting and storing pollen though. About a few miles away is the Hayward Overhill Hive and that colony there is storing honey but then it has a much larger population. More on that inspection later.

Today is the first time the girls became defensive. I haven’t used smoke on them yet but next time I might to keep everyone calm.

Check out this picture below. Yes, it’s the Queen!!!  I totally missed her while I was doing the inspection. I only saw her when I was editing the pictures to post on the blog. She seems to be smaller and much darker now. I remember her being more light colored when I first caught her during the cutout. Compare her to the worker bee above her, she’s small! Also check out the emerging baby bee. Uncapped and should work her way out very soon.

Here is the Queen bee again. She looks larger at this angle but not much larger than some of the workers.

Combs re-attached and the nurse bees are tending to the brood

Appears to be a pretty decent brood pattern

I want to show you the picture below. The dark part was the comb from the cutout. The lighter comb section at the top is how the bees repaired and re-attached to the frame. Man, those girls are good!

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