Rockfishing Out of Half Moon Bay 7/25/2010

Well, it was time to take a break from the bees and relax some especially after the last cutout. A group of fishing buddies were planning on running for Albacore tuna out of Half Moon Bay but it was 90 miles offshore, one way! That’s really far and only the hardcore bunch went. Alex and I went rockcod fishing instead on my Boston Whaler 170 Montauk. Fished infront and got a lucky first drift. Landed almost one quick limit of nice sized Bolinas (Browns).  Then it took the rest of the 4 hours on the water to catch 2 limits for 2 people, running around to my different spots and finally ending infront of Ritz Carlton. We caught some good quality fish today out front which is rare but had to take a few small ones for the go home fish. Water temp was about 58F, light winds and barely anyway swells, overcast all day, and fished in 60 to 105 ft of water.

Here’s a pic of me with two Brown rockcod

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