Mann Lake – Free Shipping $100 or more Aug 1 to 31, 2010

Free shipping is a HUGE hot deal when it comes to beekeeping supplies. Last time I drove up to Mann Lake to buy my woodware and other equipment because shipping cost more than double a tank of gas, maybe triple because even unassembled hive bodies are bulky and heavy.

The promotion runs from 1 August to 31 August and excludes ‘bulky’ items at Mann Lake. Some forum members are saying most items quality for the free shipping. I already have a list of supplies I need and will be calling them in the morning but wanted to share this with everyone as another local beekeeper informed me of the Free Shipping for beekeeping supplies. (Thanks Oliver!) Do not let this deal go by.

Update 1:00AM: Someone said this might be a permanent thing going forward.

I know many other e-tailers, non-bee related, has free shipping for $50 or $100 +. Maybe Mann Lake worked out a deal with UPS or FedEx, I hope!

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