Nectar Flow Slowing Down – Hayward Overhill Hive

After inspecting the Wine Barrel Hive, dad and I headed over to my sister’s place to check out the Hayward Overhill Hive. Last time they were thriving, building new combs and storing a good amount of honey. Well, this time it’s different. While the Wine Barrel Hive shows signs of a nectar flow, this colony seems to show signs of a slowed flow. The funny thing is, the two hives are 3 miles away.

Another sign of a slow flow is that the honey bees are very protective. I have yet to use smoke during my hive inspections and though I have had them bump my veil, this time one flew onto my glove after opening the inner cover and put its stinger right into the glove. It didn’t get me but I was shocked at how fast one of them flew out and attacked me.

The bees have not built any new combs, slowed it’s expansion of the cutout combs, but have built MANY bridging combs which made inspection difficult today. We will leave them there until the beginning of Spring as I do not want to make them work hard on repairing anything unnecessary at the moment of a slow flow.

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