Palo Alto Lincoln Colony Update – We Have Honey!

Just to give everyone an update on the honey bee colony I rescued from Palo Alto at the end of July. The removal wasn’t a simple one as they were in a tree trunk and then to make matters more difficult the hive went into the ground a little more than arm’s length, so the causalities were higher.

So the good and bad news. The remaining bees moved into a homemade nuc and have been housed in there for quite some time now. They have built some combs and are storing honey! Where are they getting the honey? They are robbing from the Mountain View Hive a few feet from them. I had to reduce the entrance to prevent more robbing, and of course bees killing each other.

The combs that they have built, all I see are stores of pollen and honey. No signs whatsoever of eggs or larvae. I knew I didn’t get the queen, so pretty soon I’ll have to make a combine with the Mountain View Hive so they can thrive together as one instead of stealing each other’s honey.

Here is a picture of them adjusting to their new home

Bees on a fresh comb filled with honey. They have not capped any of the honey yet

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