The Queen, Eggs, And Larvae

Inspected the Hayward Overhill Hive and Wine Barrel Hive on Sunday (8/15/2010). First the Hayward Overhill Hive, nothing much is going on there. The girls have to fly further now to forage since it’s closer to the hills. Once winter comes and the Eucalyptus starts to bloom, they will be thriving again.

Now onto the Wine Barrel Hive. Last we saw this colony started to draw two new combs on two different frames. These have increased in size, one much larger than the other, and a third frame is being drawn. These girls are closer to blooming flowers and other food source so they are expanding for the winter months.

On one of the new combs which increased in size by 8X or more, we spotted the queen, some eggs, and larvae. Good signs! Here are a couple of pics.

There she is. Still small but mighty!

Larvae and egg (bottom center)

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