Eucalyptus Tree Colony Update

The colony that’s living in the Eucalyptus tree in Los Altos Hills cannot be saved. I’m disappointed that I cannot rescue this colony as it would involve too much effort, and at the end I don’t think the queen, brood, larvae, and eggs will survive the stress put upon them, that’s IF the combs come out in one piece after much cutting of the base of the tree, which has tons of knots all around the entry of the colony. The hole where they are building is narrow but deep, about 3-4 feet into the base of the tree. Eucalyptus trees are also very tough to cut through as the wood is very hard. Sorry, this is one that I and I’m sure other beekeepers will not be able to save. You can trapout the foraging bees but that would take over one month and time is ticking as the fire department asked the homeowners that they need to remove all the eucalyptus trees on their property due to fire hazards. BTW, that honey bee colony is probably really good for Amy’s fruit trees.

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