Girls Fanning In The Heat

Monday through Wednesday we had a heat wave with temperatures ranging from 98 to 104 F. It was HOT! At least we had AC inside the house but the girls had to do it their way. A group of bees would come out and start fanning inwards to circulate the air inside the hive to cool it down. I’ve also cracked the top and took off the telescoping cover leaving only the inner cover with the center hole to help them in this heat.

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2 Responses to Girls Fanning In The Heat

  1. sharie says:

    Also I have 2″ opening to help with robbers . Should I open it all the way ? Some tell me to keep hives in Sun,for healthy bees . Others said shade . I will do whats best for them , but who do I listen to ? Sharie

  2. Hey Sharie,

    What region are you in? I noticed in my areas the bees are getting to that point they could start robbing other hives even though there’s a nectar flow.

    I have hives in the sun and full shade, both can perform well. The ones in full sun I provide them with afternoon shade on hot hot days just by leaning at an angle a piece of plywood or particle board on the hive, so the sun beats on the wood instead of the hive boxes.

    In the Winter, I provide all my hives with a roof to keep the woodware dry.

    As ten beekeepers the same question and you’ll get ten different answers. šŸ™‚ Take in everything and then use what works for you. šŸ™‚

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