Los Altos Covington Colony – Site Check 8/27/2010

There are many fabulous homes in Los Altos but situated inbetween these multi-million dollar homes are one built decades ago and the first owners have been living in for ages. That’s until they decide it was time to move into a smaller and newer place. That’s when they put their home on the market and buyers are looking for these homes just for the piece of land so they can build a house of their dreams. I know because I’ve tried the same yet out-bidded many times just for beater homes in Los Altos.

Today my dad and I went for a site check after receiving a call in the morning from Paul. They have a house they bought many years ago and now it’s ready to be demolished so they too can build a nice new home in Los Altos. But before the deconstruction can occur, the honey bees need to be removed. That’s where we come in, to rescue these bees before they are destroyed.

I was able to find the address ok but it was difficult to find where to enter the property. The house is on a huge piece of land, 43,500 sq ft huge! Over the phone Paul gave me directions on how to find the bee colony, but then said I would have to go through the jungle first, and he was right. There are huge trees on the property but also un-manage bushes and shrubs growing out of control. We did finally enter and found the cottage in the back where the bees lived.

The colony lives at the end of the cottage and appears to have two entrances. Entrance one looks like it was sprayed as some bees are “stuck” to the entrance and are dead. Maybe this caused the bees to find a second entrance a little further down from the first. You can see from the photos. The bees aren’t in the walls but up above in the ceiling! This is going to be an arm sore for sure working up above, and not only that it’s a huge colony, if not two. I would guess 8 feet long and 15 inches wide. And hopefully they have not moved into other sections of the ceiling or walls.

From inside you can see the bees have chewed through the rotting ceiling in two places. One is right by the first entrance. The damage could have been caused by the spraying from the outside with whatever hit them, causing the inside to rot and the bees are trying to seal it as I can see much propolis around the hole. Also from the looks of the combs I can see through that gap, I would guess this bee colony have been living there for MANY years as the house hasn’t been occupied for over 10 years.

Next is a section near the second entrance. This part looks like the bees chewed through it but I can’t see why. Will find out tomorrow. Perhaps they are running out of room.

My dad and I will begin this bee rescue on Sunday and will show up early as this one could take a while.

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