Waverley Queen Released 9/1/2010

Yesterday the heat reached into the mid-90s with today just as hot. So we wanted to release the queen before she overheats in the homemade queen cage.

The Palo Alto Waverley swarm of bees and the queen are doing excellent and looks like the ones I hived will survive the spray. Bees are quite sensitive to pesticides and other poisons and will die pretty quickly. These bees are energetic and thriving. When we released the queen she looked super strong and was running around on the foundationless frame. Below is a pic before the release. You can see the girls are linked up to build their home as I noticed wax on some parts of the frame already.

The queen inside this homemade queen cage (putting a huge order in this week to Mann Lake for some equipment, $500+, to keep rescuing bees). Notice all her attendees, feeding and keeping her in tip top shape. She looks mated so after they have built some combs, I assume by next week, we should see some eggs in my next inspection.

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