Los Altos Sunshine Bee Colony Moved Into Their New Home – Cutout Complete

The Los Altos Sunshine Honey Bee colony was relocated on Wednesday after I took a ride on a tree remover’s boom lift to rescue these bees from high up above on a Cedar tree. It’s now Saturday and the weather cooled down enough for us to jump into our hot bee suits to cutout the combs and move them into their new home. Here’s a picture before we started cutting.

Cutting the combs wasn’t as easy as it seems. I think this is more difficult than say combs attached to walls since there are branches that run through the combs, making cutting harder. The bees also built many bridging combs. And not only that, the combs aren’t attached to much and can easily fall.

Below is a picture of a Queen Cup. Wonder if this queen is new or that’s just a queen cup there, built and ready to be used if necessary. It’s in the center so it’s not a swarm cell.

Here’s my dad holding a comb. The queen’s laying pattern is pretty good. The cells where the young bee emerged were refilled with egg and some already had larvae.

While cutting the third to last comb, from the corner of my eyes  I spotted the queen darting over from the top side to the bottom of the next comb. I dropped everything, grab my homemade queen catcher/cage, and bagged her! 🙂

She’s a beauty! A large queen.

Another view of the Sunshine Queen. Bottom right.

The new and old boxes,  the bees started to march into their new home after a short time of caging the Queen inside.

We filled 9 medium frames of brood combs. Some pollen but ZERO honey. We saved everything from this cutout and with near zero casualties. But with no honey stores these girls have a lot of work ahead of them especially we are already in the month of September.

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