A Strong Queen – Hayward Overhill Hive

Saturday (9/4/2010) – After we completed the Sunshine Hive cutout we inspected three other hives today. First one is the Hayward Overhill Hive. Last reported they have slowed down, running into a dearth. But now they seem to be thriving again. I see a huge population of bees, some pollen and some honey stored above the brood, and they have started building a new comb on an empty foundationless frame. Very good signs.

First frame out we spotted the Queen. When I first opened up the feral colony in Hayward to hive them I knew this was a very strong family lead by a strong queen. The population is strong!

Check out her golden colors, making her easy to spot.

Another view of the Queen. Beautiful!

A frame loaded with bees and brood.

Another frame filled with worker and nurse bees.

Yet another frame of brood filled with bees on both sides.

What a cute little comb they have just started building on the guide of a foundationless frame.

With the next good flow this strong colony will thrive even further than before I removed them from the eve of the roof in Hayward, CA.

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