Mann Lake Queen Catcher – First Impressions

Last order I made with Mann Lake I included four of Mann Lake’s Queen Catchers (HD-100). I just received them yesterday and upon first inspection I was not so impressed with them. They work like the other queen catchers from Brushy Mountain, Glory Bee Foods, and other places but the quality is no where near. The Mann Lake Queen Catcher is constructed of very thin plastic. When engaging the spring action, I can feel and see the plastic handle bend already. You can bet these will break if you’re not careful. Most beekeepers I know likes to keep them in a pocket or nearby when rescuing bees. Any accidental pressure on these catchers will break for sure. Also, another note from a very experienced bee remover is that the Mann Lake Queen Catchers, they stick out much farther on both sides and make them very difficult if not impossible to place into a hive box with ten frames.

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1 Response to Mann Lake Queen Catcher – First Impressions

  1. Rob Anglin says:

    Yesterday, I used my Mann Lake HD-100 Queen Catcher for the first time-ever, and upon gently squeezing it open, the damned thing “exploded” in my hand. Obviously, I never captured my queen for marking. The extremely thin plastic at the hinge could not handle the stress (and the hinge is where the forces of pinching it open are the GREATEST). Dumb design… poor product. I called today to encourage Mann Lake to find a better quality product before they print their next catalog. Not sure they will follow this customer feedback.

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