Eggs and Larvae for the Waverley Family – 9/10/2010

The Waverley Family grow in numbers as today we saw the first drawn comb double in size from our last inspection and they now have eggs and larvae, pretty good size larvae too! The larvae sure grows fast because this swarm was caught on 8/30 and it’s only 9/10 today. Amazing creatures, that’s why I love beekeeping and rescuing honey bees. But it’s about right as it takes 21 days from the day the egg is laid to when the new bee emerges from the capped cell.

Anyways, since the swarm is small and the population is even less now, it was quite easy to find the Queen. She was darting all over the new comb and I couldn’t get a clear shot of her. Here’s the Waverley queen playing hide and seek with me. She still looks kind of thin but I’m sure she’ll plump up soon.

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