Emergency Queen Emerges – Cowper Hive 9/11/2010

Last week we found an emergency queen cell that’s capped and we knew by this weekend the queen would have emerged. So it was time to inspect and find our new virgin queen.

Here’s a picture of the uncapped queen cell that the worker bees are already tearing apart.

I’ve read that emergency queens are small and aren’t usually kept by beekeepers because they aren’t as productive. Small is right! I found the new virgin queen today and she’s TINY. She’s definitely not mated yet because I have not found any eggs on any of the frames. Most people would probably pinch her and re-queen or combine with another hive but I’ll give her a chance. She will have two weeks and I’ll see what happens. If nothing great comes through then I’ll combine this Cowper Hive with the Waverley Swarm that’s building strong in Mountain View.

Here’s a picture of our new virgin queen. It was so difficult to find her but you can tell she’s the new queen due to shape and the way she tried to run away from us during inspection while the other worker bees just did their thing. Can you tell which one she is?

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