R.I.P. Waverley Queen

Sad news today. I got a call from my dad this morning said he caught a queen in the yard but wasn’t sure which hive it came out of. She landed infront of the Mountain View Hive and the bees started balling and finally killed her. I was at work so I could not come home to see what is happening but I kind of knew which queen it was.

Anyways, the Waverley Queen is now dead and it’s because I made a dumb mistake on the combine of the new colony that I just removed on Saturday from Los Altos Hills that’s queenless with the Waverley Hive, who’s population was no more than half of a medium frame.

Saturday was the combine, Waverley queen-right hive on the bottom with a bottom entrance, reduced. Top is the new Los Altos Hills Almaden queenless colony with a top entrance. Both are separated via a metal window screen. Sunday my parents saw a ton of bees flying out of the Waverley hive, that’s when I think the Waverley Queen absconded. Then today she returned but landed infront of the strong Mountain View hive and was balled and killed.

Next time I do a combine I will be more careful and apply all the combine techniques such as spraying or smoking the bees heavily before setting them together, even when separated by a screen.

Well, now what. I now have two queenless hives! I will have to inspect all the combs tomorrow to see if they have any resources to created an emergency queen like the Cowper Hive did. If not I might need to borrow some resources from other stronger hives so they can create a new queen for themselves.

R.I.P. my Queen

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