We Have a Mated Queen Plus Eggs/Larvae – Cowper Hive Update 9/19/2010

Sunday 9/19/2010 – We inspected the Cowper Hive today and were ecstatic to find the new queen and some eggs and young larvae on one of the combs. The queen is now mated and a virgin no more! She has grown in size in just one week and is already laying.

Can you spot our new Cowper Queen? She’s about the same size as the others right now but has a unique pattern on her abdomen.

Here are two close-up photos of our new Queen

Next week we’ll inspect the hive again and hopefully see more new eggs, new tiny larvae, and larger larvae that’s about to turn into pupa, which will happen at day 10.

Sorry for the poor photos, these are crops of the original picture, thus the poor quality. But it does the job at showing you the egg and larvae. Notice that white rice-like speck on the lower left, that’s an egg. Upper right is a very young larvae.

Below are some larger, older larvae.

Having this new Cowper Hive has been a very good experience and really exciting to watch grow. From seeing the workers create an emergency queen cell, to actually spotting a small new virgin queen, and now seeing her grow in size and also finding young larvae is just awesome!

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