Queen Found! Los Altos Hills Almaden Hive

Thursday 9/23/2010 – Today we opened up the combined hive of Waverley and Almaden to do a quick inspection to check if there are any eggs or larvae the workers can use to create an emergency queen.

But guess what we found today? We found a QUEEN inside this hive, thought to be queenless when the Waverley queen absconded and killed.From her appearance she should be the queen from the bee removal in Los Altos Hills. Her abdomen patterns are different than what I saw of the Waverley queen right before I combined the two hives. See the pictures below. Top is the Almaden queen. Bottom is the Waverley queen.

Guess now we know why the Los Altos Hill Almaden girls were so protective. They killed the other queen because their queen was present all this time. I must have either bee vac’ed her in with the other bees or scooped and tossed her into the hive without noticing even though I looked carefully when I had each cluster in my hands.

I’m glad to see that this hive is now queen-right but yeah, still sad that one queen had to die.

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