Capped Brood Cells From the New Queen – Cowper Hive

Saturday 9/25/2010 – One week ago we found eggs and very young larvae from the new queen whom was mated just a short time ago. Now the Cowper Hive has capped brood worker cells, ready to emerge in a few days to join the rest of the work force.

Here’s the queen. She looks about the same as last week. Haven’t grown much in size yet. She was not shy at all today. Guess she’s busy concentrating on finding the right cells to lay in. While we were watching she stuck her head into a cell checking out the depth and such before she lays.

Here is a fresh cluster of capped brood cells. All the cells were brood-less before she emerged. She’s a little slow at laying but she’s young and has a lot to learn. But from the small areas she have laid in shows a good pattern.

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