Los Altos Hills Bee Rescue – Additional Photos

Thanks Audrey of Los Altos Hills for dropping off a CD with photos from the bee rescue at her house on 9/18. I try to take photos when I can during the bee removal but it’s hard when I’m high up on a ladder or when my gloves are covered with thick sweet and sticky honey.

Here are some pictures taken by Audrey.

Me using the multi-functional tool to make a clean cut on the plywood to expose the colony.

The bees entered through a hole a squirrel or rat chewed through the wall, where the mammal created a home. Notice all the stored acorn that was at the bottom of the plywood I removed the expose the bees. Some parts of the acorn was even attached to the bottom of some of the combs.

Chaos begins when I start cutting out the combs. Was not using the bee vac or smoke yet. No wonder why I got stung so many times through my suit and gloves. Here’s my dad shaking off some bees before we framed this nice large section.

We strapped a medium box onto the ladder so we did not have to walk up and down to frame the combs. This saved us a lot of time.

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One Response to Los Altos Hills Bee Rescue – Additional Photos

  1. I so enjoyed looking at this story of bees in photos, I have never heard of your service whereby you relocate them. This is wonderful, most people just kill them which is awful considering the plight of the honey bee right now. They will one day sit up and take notice as more and more disappear because a lot of what they take for granted will disappear too. If all the bees went missing……….well, I just hope this is not a reality!

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