Checking Up on the Los Altos Hills Almaden Colony

It was a beautiful day out today and had a little time after work so we went in and checked on the girls to see how they are doing. This colony was hived just a short time ago and whenever bees are being relocated it puts much stress on them. So we like to check up on them often to make sure they are building and the queen is laying good.

From the picture above you can see our Queen. She’s on one of the brood frames. In the photo you can also see capped brood, some white stuff which are actually larvae in different stages of development.

The queen is laying good, the workers are doing their thing, but it seems like they aren’t bringing much or any nectar into the hive. I do see foragers bringing in lots of pollen but the hive already has a good amount of that. The Mountain View Hive is right next to them and are filling the Medium super with honey for their Winter stores but their population is much greater. The bees know what they are doing so I’ll leave them to it. But if at the end of October and things aren’t shaping up, I might have to give them a helping hand.

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