Bees Working Salvia and Ivy Flowers

In the past month of so I’ve noticed some of the mature ivy flower, dropping tons of pollen on the ground. It’s said that during parts of the day these flowers produce a good amount of nectar as well.

In addition, my sister is re-doing her landscaping and bought tons of flowers. She bought some salvia which the bees love. Even at the garden center the bees were working it hard. I went myself to find some flowers and fruit trees for my own backyard and noticed the same thing. The purple flowers on the Salvia are covered with honey bees.

The fall flow seems pretty strong right now. I’m seeing all my girls work really hard and each hive is packing it in for the Winter months.

Oh yeah, these two photos were taken with my wife’s iphone 4. That built-in camera is 5 Megapixels!!!

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