Wine Barrel Hive Packing in Honey

During last weekend’s inspection, 10/10/10, we saw something that we liked and not like. First the good news. This colony is getting stronger and the weight of the hive is increasing fast. The girls are harvesting a lot of nectar which they convert to honey and deposit it into the combs. I can see they’ve already capped some honey and saving it for the winter. The nectar flow seems strong right now. Hope it lasts longer this year with this weird heat we are getting.

The girls busy filling this comb with just honey

Here’s the Queen laying. Her ab is in the cell.

Lower right is honey that has been capped or sealed for storage.

Here’s the bad news. This hive has the top medium filled to about 70% so I added another medium below. Well, they built one comb there but doesn’t seem to manage it well, just placing pollen into this frame.

Left unattended most of the time the wax moth moved in below. Not many but saw like 2 larvae that did a little damage. I’ve seen it really bad at other beekeeper’s hives. This situation I have is so minor and nothing to worry about. The wax moth larvae didn’t even damage this comb much at all. And non wax moths moved into the heart of the colony.

If you see the blue sky through the comb, that’s where the wax moth larvae chewed through. This is very little damage. Maybe I caught it early or the bees did their job at fending the wax moths and larvae off.

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