Los Altos Sunshine Colony Update

Quick update on the Sunshine Colony. They have only been hived for a tad over one month and they are still recovering from the removal. We did save all the combs and bees, with very little dead bees but still, the stress I’m sure is still pretty high up there where they need to get readjusted and start building up again.

The population seem to have decreased. The brood pattern is still really good. The worker are bringing in honey and actually filling some of the brood cells with honey. But they aren’t getting honey bound, I don’t think, as there are many more empty combs on the edges. I’ll have to keep a close eye on all my colonies as Winter is almost here. Nights have been really cold already and damp. No frost yet and probably won’t for some time here in California. But hey, this year’s weird weather can sure give us surprises.

Here’s the queen. She’s very active still. We see her run around, checking out cells and laying.

We moved the hive body to clean the bottom board then placed it back. One of the foragers returned with her pollen sacks filled, landed, and started fanning immediately.

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