Los Altos Hills Bees Flew Away

This past week or so we’ve noticed low activity of bees entering and exiting the Los Altos Hills Hive so yesterday we opened it up and found that there were only about a dozen bees remaining in there.

Picture below is from last inspection on 10/1. You see queen, bees, larvae, and eggs.

Last inspection on 10/1 we found the queen, eggs, larvae, and capped brood. This colony was hived on 9/18, so they lived in the hive for less than 1 month. While checking out what’s remaining we found zero eggs, zero larvae, some capped brood but appeared to be dead as no nurse bees were present to keep them warm. And we found one emergency queen cell that had a dead pupa inside, all because there just weren’t any nurse bees to keep it warm. Even if they were able to produce a queen, the 12 or so bees wouldn’t have gone far.

In the hive there is a good amount of pollen and honey. They started filling the brood combs with honey as well. Perhaps the Fall flow was too good and they became honeybound and the queen and bees decided to find a new home, or they were just too stressed from the removal and what happened to them prior to the rescue and didn’t like it, flew away to find a better life. Where ever they are now, they could rebuild as the nectar flow is good right now, as long as they are kept warm and found a suitable location to make their new home.

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