Wine Barrel Hive Getting Fat

There are a total of three hives in my backyard and the Wine Barrel Hive is doing the best. Well, that is probably because they had the longest time to recover after being hived in June 2010. The hive population and weight is increasing fast with a good nectar flow going on right now.

Here’s the queen. You can see larvae and capped cells.

Capped honey, partially capped, and uncapped honey which looks close to being ready to be capped. Glad these girls are doing well.

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1 Response to Wine Barrel Hive Getting Fat

  1. Spud says:

    Was directed to your site when i clicked on a Yellow Jacket link (i stepped and got stung by one recently). You have a fascinating site/job; i never knew we could re-locate entire colonies of bees. I will be visiting often. Thanks for sharing!

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