Three Continous Nights of Hard Frost

We just had our first hard frost for the Winter season which lasted three days surrounding Thanksgiving day with rain arriving last night which warmed up the night a tad. Temperatures reached at or below zero in my area and you wake up to white everywhere. A few of my plants were casualties to this freezing cold nights but it seems like the hives are still keeping themselves warm in their clusters. During the day times I still see the foragers flying out during the few hours of afternoon warmth. They probably don’t have enough time to gather much food.

Day time had only reached around upper 50’s lately, still too cold for me to pop the top of the hive to do a quick inspection. I believe the Sunshine and Cowper hives require feeding. If it remains above freezing I can feed a 2:1 sugar syrup but will provide dry sugar if it remains cold. We’ll have to check on them and see what’s going on when it warms up some.

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