Weather Warming Up

While the rest of the country is frozen and covered with snow, here in the Silicon Valley we are expecting temperatures from low to mid-60s for the next 10 days, at least that’s what in our forecast. With the higher temperatures, no more near-freezing nights, and good sun after the morning fog layer burns off, the bees are active. It’s too bad the other three hives that I lost didn’t last for one more month or they would have been all right.

The eucalyptus trees are in full bloom now provided a great source of Winter nectar for the bees when they are able to get out. Also with this warm up I have noticed some fruit trees are starting to bud. This is all great signs for our bees. BUT hey, who knows, 2010 was an odd weather year and 2011 so far hasn’t been any better. Warm up now but next week or so we could be getting freezing conditions again (hopefully not!).

Oh, and with this warm up, the bees are working hard. Bringing in a lot of pollen and nectar. The colonies are building up for our first strong flow which occurs around March, which also brings us our swarm season.

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