Cupertino Bee Removal – Bees in a Sprinkler Valve Box

I received an email the other day regarding a colony of honey bees in need of a rescue. They are living in a sprinkler valve control box that previously housed another colony that absconded about two years ago.

I went over this morning to check the colony out and they are active. We will have near 70F days up until Thursday, the day of the bee removal, then the weather cools down again over the weekend. Hopefully not near-freezing temperatures again. But if so I’ll be prepared with my shed and portable heater.

FYI, the Winter bee cluster is said to be able to move around inside at about 45F. So if I set the portable heater around there, they should be ok since the daytime temps will still be around 50 to 60s, according to forecast. And this Winter I’m not worried about the colonies starving. The flow seems to be pretty decent lately with some early blooms.

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