Los Altos Hills Bee Removal – Site Check

Received a call from a Los Altos Hills homeowner a couple of weeks ago regarding a honey bee colony living in their multi-million dollar custom home. This house was nicely design with many quality and unique features. So last week after the bee removal in Cupertino we went over for a second inspection to determine which wall the bee hive is located. Why multiple inflections you ask? Because I want to be sure where the bees are and to avoid any unnecessary cutting especially when I relocate bees from multi-million dollar homes that are unique.

We pretty much narrowed it down to which two sections they can be at. So next time the weather warms back up again we will remove the cabinets and do non-destructive inspection to see where they are before cutting into the drywall from inside the laundry room.

We will first utilized our Fluke IR thermometer and stethoscope but if nothing then we can drill tiny quarter inch holes into the drywall and visually confirm if they are there with our borescope.

1:00PM – Blogging from my iPod touch so I’ll update with photos tonight.

10:54PM – Updated with Pictures

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