Salinas Bee Removal

Winter is not the ideal time for honey bee removals if you care to rescue the colony and relocate them safely. But the last two weeks of warm 70’s weather in January really turned on the activity levels for the wild honey bee hives. This is what some people are calling a “false Spring” having warm weathers like this but all of the sudden cold temperatures come back and sometimes with much rain.

In the past two weeks I received many calls to do live bee removals and relocation, one as far as Salinas, California. I’m glad people from far away is requesting my services on saving the honey bees. Being a avid beekeeper we carefully remove the honey bees and relocate them to a place they can really call home, without worries and someone to upkeep their hives to optimal levels.

The Salinas honey bees have lived in this apartment for at least two years now, and was found because the apartment complex is  going under renovation. They are entering from vent holes into the empty space between the roof and ceiling, a very common place for bees to build their hives.

From the picture above there are two vent holes and it appears that bees are entering from both holes. I could be way off here but there could be two colonies up there. I won’t know until I get a peek inside.

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