Deer Hollow Farm – Bees and Animals

It’s 1:40PM right now and it’s 75F outside! This morning was so nice I took the kids for a stroll to Rancho Deer Hollow Farm to check out the animals.

On the way in I noticed an Oak tree that housed a honey bee colony. It’s nice to see them in the park where no one can touch them. It’ll be good for the farm and nearby areas.

Anyways, this post won’t be all about bees. We saw the animals too. Ten minutes before we arrived at the farm two baby sheep were born at Deer Hollow Farm. When we saw them the cord was still fresh and the two baby sheep could barely stand up. Their skin and coat was still wet. One was black and the other white. What a sweet sight to be able to see these little guys just 10 minutes after birth.

Since it was warm all the other animals were active. The cow was being grooms, the goats were all over the place with a few young goats as well that were probably born in January. The pigs and chicken were out and about as well. What a nice Winter day though it feels a lot like late Spring!

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