Hayward Hive Update

Just a quick update on the Hayward Bee Hive. We took the cover off this afternoon to check on the bees. The daytime temp today reached 68F and the bees were active inside and out. They were definitely not clustered together but will at night for sure as we had seen frost these few nights(about a 20-30 degrees shift from day and night).

We didn’t remove any frames to inspect as there were bridging combs that we didn’t want to destroy or the bees would have had to work hard to rebuild, something we didn’t want to burden this small colony with.

But there are some good signs and some bad signs. The bees are bringing in pollen, we know the queen is still there and still laying. The worker bees have pulled out some fresh white pupa probably because they were probably infested with varroa mites (same thing is happening in the stronger Mountain View hive).

All my hives are foundationless so they can build natural comb sizes. I’ve been reading lately on a Yahoo Group called Organicbeekeepers. They go treatment free and rely on small cell to battle against mites, but really, will it work? I’ll see as I’m doing the same and still have never treated a single hive.

Anyways, we put our nose close to the frames and it has a very sweet smell of cured honey. From the looks of it these girls have some stores left and are bringing in nectar/honey for the colony. All good signs, now I’m hoping the flow and better weather will bring this colony back to a booming population the queen had before we relocated them from Hayward.

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