Chance of Snow in the San Francisco Bay Area (Sea level)

Forecast update. There’s a 50-50 chance of SNOW in the San Francisco Bay Area for Friday and Saturday. Temperatures are supposed to reach below freezing and if it rains it will snow at sea level. The storm of course is coming from Alaska bringing much cold air with it. Right now the forecast is not much moisture is in this storm but as it moves closer it can easily gain more and pour on us.

Last snow that I remember that gave SF a blanket of white was at about 2004 but that was a thin layer, just enough to cover everything to make it white.  Here are some more historical data:
Feb. 5, 1976, 1″
Jan. 15, 1952, .3″
Dec. 11, 1932, .8″
March 3, 1896, 1″
Jan. 16, 1888, .1″
Feb. 5, 1887, 3.7″
Feb. 7, 1884, 1.5″
Dec. 31, 1882, 3.5″
Jan. 12, 1868, 2″
Dec. 25, 1862, 2.5″

Are the bees ready for snow in the Bay Area? I hope so! All my hives will be under roof and hopefully will keep them warmer than hives out in the open. Currently these few days the bees are flying hard after the last rain. Hopefully they are in prep for this cold front moving in.

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