Healthy Hive With Lots of Drones

The Mountain View colony was hived just last June from a small swarm that moved into a sprinkler valve control box. This hive was never fed and never disturbed. The only thing is adding boxes and venting when needed. The colony is on foundationless frames and currently two supers full of mainly brood and a recently added super on top for honey, and yes, they have been bringing in nectar all Winter.

Below is a video I shot today of the Mountain View Hive. The first part where you see a single LARGE bee, that’s a drone. Then the second part is the hive entrance with much activity. Today it reached 62F, overcast with light off and on showers, and windy.


It’s now March and the colony has increased exponentially. The bee population is outstanding and because of the strong flow the hive has been producing a lot of drones. This could be bad news as they might be prepared to swarm. So once the weather warms up some we’ll be taking apart the hive to do a full inspection to check if there are any swarm cells. And perhaps we will split this colony into two, conduct a walk away split and let them rare a new queen.

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