Cupertino Krzich Queen & Added a Box Underneath

The Cupertino Krzich colony was hived January 27th, 2011 and today was the second time we’ve inspected the hive. The first was just to check to see if the bees made a new emergency queen but we found the queen inside the hive; must have bee vac’ed her in with the others. When we found the queen the first time we opened up the hive she was small. Her ab section was short but now she is all plumped up! She’s fatter and much longer than before. Guess that’s what happens to a healthy colony with a healthy queen and a strong nectar flow.

Can you spot the Queen in the video below?

Today was our second time opening the hive. It reached 66 degrees today here in Los Altos and with the current strong nectar flow the bees are extremely active even on the cooler days. We’ve been watching their entrance activities every week and we knew it was time to add another box. So we opened up the single medium hive and found it packed full. The cutout combs are all attached to the frames and they are expanding onto the existing foundation. The undrawn frames are now almost complete so they definitely needed more room. Oh, and they are packing in a lot of nectar/honey right now. If I didn’t give them more space the queen would have been honeybound and would have swarmed in another couple of weeks.

So today we decided to add a medium hive body underneath the existing, so the colony can keep the existing brood warm up top and then they can build a second brood chamber below. I’m guessing it’ll take this colony only a month or so to build up about 70% of the 10 medium frames, then it will be time to add a super on top.

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