San Mateo Swarm Removal – First Swarm of the Season

Ryan from San Mateo called me yesterday afternoon and said he has a 2ft long by X diameter bee swarm up on a tree. He threw a tape measure next to it and approximated about 14 feet up. He was actually pretty close. My 10 feet ladder was just tall enough to get me up there, plus my height and arm length to reach up. I would say it was about 16 feet from the ground.

A picture of the bee swarm before I started pruning the branches around them to give me better access. My idea was to hopefully cut a single branch and take the entire ball of bees down to hive them.

Well, that idea of cutting only a single branch didn’t happen. Below is a picture of me with only about 1/6 of the bees that I gently pulled away from the main group.

So after cutting two more branches I was able to get the rest of the bees.

Here’s a close-up of the larger group of honey bees.

I brought with me two mediums and three frames of old comb. We only needed one medium. Took out some empty frames and laid the bees inside. This is a picture of the smaller group of bees from my first cut.

I would approximate this bee swarm to be about 2 pounds. Because I did a night swarm removal the bees weren’t active, and it was a cold night. The winds stopped but as I drove into San Mateo it was drizzling.

Thanks Ryan for being my photographer while my dad and I were rescuing the honey bees.

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1 Response to San Mateo Swarm Removal – First Swarm of the Season

  1. Ryan says:

    No problem. The pictures turned out good (Thanks to my great photography skills). I hope all the bees live. Let me know when you have some honey 🙂

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