Mountain View Hive – Now Four Mediums High

The Mountain View Hive came from a small swarm and it took them time to build. They went into late Fall and Winter with one full medium and one fairly empty medium below. But because our area always had pollen and nectar for the bees this colony never really slowed down ever since its numbers increased. So fast that the hive is now four medium hive bodies high. The bottom three for brood and currently only one super above for honey storage. (Picture below is of three mediums before we added the forth between the bottom two brood chambers)

Now the colony population has increased dramatically, a very healthy and strong colony, raising a lot of worker and a ton of drone brood. Nectar is being brought in and turned into honey, filling 50% of an empty foundationless 10 frames since February 1st of this year. About one and a half month and they have already brought in that much honey. Another two weeks the most top super will be completely filled.

Because the colony raises a ton of drones, male honey bees, they were kicked out. The female worker bees would prevent them from going back inside. So many of the drones would hang around outside, under the lip of the telescoping cover. Here’s a picture of them all trying to get inside via a crack on the inner cover after I removed the top outer cover. Perhaps this is where the drone congregation area is? =) (Probably not)

The bottom medium hive body had four full frames of drone brood!

A picture of the medium we put an observation window into. See the fresh white new comb the bees have built and have already filled with much honey. Left white comb wasn’t built to the guide so that’s going to made honey harvest more difficult and messy.

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