Palo Alto Bee Removal – Saw Four Feral Colonies

It must have been my lucky day today or something. I went to check out two known colonies, one in a tree and one external, and found two more in nearby trees trunks, all in one general neighborhood in Palo Alto.

First one, a honey bee colony that have been living in a trunk of a peppercorn tree for two years. The home owners didn’t care to have them removed but I wanted to go by to check them out anyways. This one would be a candidate for a trapout if they wanted the bees removed as it was only a few feet from their front door and driveway, and waist height.

The second colony, which is external, is located at my coworker’s neighbor’s tree. This external colony has been there for more than one year and last Summer when it got hot, one or two of the combs fell to the ground creating a big mess. Luckily the Queen wasn’t on that comb and this colony battled through the past few months of cold and now is booming. I’ll be rescuing this external colony tomorrow, Sunday, as they are about 18-20 feet above. I think I can reach them.

Colony number 3 is just about 20 feet to the left of number 2 in a tree hollow. This one has been there for a long time and is probably the source of many swarms in the area. My coworker’s friend told me that he saw that hive thrive and at times it died but came back, perhaps another swarm moved in. This house is being remodeled and I will want to talk to the homeowners when they are back and ask them not to spray the bees, and if they wanted to do something about it, please call me to rescue them.

Colony number 4 is located in the next door neighbor’s tree, high high up about 40 feet. This trunk is small, not sure how big this colony is, probably really small because the trunk is so thin. None of the neighbors knew of this colony until I found it today and informed them.

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