San Mateo Spuraway Hive – There’s Our Queen

It was a nice afternoon today and while we were in the yard releasing the Palo Alto Prim Queen from the Queen catcher, we thought we take a quick look into the San Mateo Spuraway Hive that we captured from a swarm just a week ago and one day ago.

Like any swarm they usually build up incredibly fast and same goes with this huge colony. The population is very strong and they have almost filled all 9 foundationless medium frames already! In ONE WEEK!

Here’s a brand new white comb that the bees are building up.

Same frame, just a close up. The girls are bringing in a ton of pollen and honey! We have an extremely strong nectar flow right now in Northern California. All the hives are bringing in a ton of pollen and honey. Time to add more supers!

Here’s another frame of pure white comb and bees festooning.

Yet another frame… this one is already complete. Pollen, honey, eggs, and larvae though it’s really difficult to see on fresh white comb.

And finally, here’s our Queen. This is the first time we saw our Spuraway Queen. She’s a beauty! This feral colony is very strong and survived our coldest months in November and December.

The San Mateo Spuraway Hive is ready to go to its new home in Woodside, CA. Yes, Curtis from Woodside has adopted this hive and we plan to relocated it to his yard sometime this week or weekend.

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