Menlo Park Bee Removal – Where’s the Swarm?

Today I received a call from a gentleman who called the Bee Rescue Hotline about a swarm in Menlo Park. He said these honey bees are quite aggressive and his baby daughter has already been stung. The swarm is about waist high off of the ground. Please come remove the bees.

I was at my older son’s new daycare for an interview when I received the call.  After my son’s interview session was over we rushed home. I told my dad there was a swarm in Menlo Park near Stanford. So I started to gather our swarm catching equipment while my dad tried to finish cooking dinner for the family but was short of time as I wanted to get to the swarm, so my mom had to finish cooking. So we rushed off into traffic to Menlo Park.

When we got there the person who called was not home. I walked around the complex and didn’t see any swarms at all. Looked again and didn’t see any bees. I then called the gentleman back and he explained to me where the swarm was and that he would be back in about 10 minutes.

Well, so where was the swarm? We did find about two lingering bees that was hanging around where the swarm WAS. Another neighbor came out and said that another beekeeper came out yesterday and boxed the swarm. Yesterday?!?!? Oh well, definitely learn to ask more questions before I rush off again to the next swarm call. =) (I need to start charging for gas as prices are now above $4)

One more note, I did find a hive in a nearby oak tree, not much activity, perhaps the swarm came from this feral hive.

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